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Mattress development process
2021-01-28 16:16:35



         One third of life is spent in sleep, measure whether people have "healthy sleep" of the four signs are: full sleep, time enough, good quality, high efficiency. Easy to sleep, will not interrupt, sleep deep, wake up tired of the whole consumer, which are closely related to the quality of mattresses. Today we introduce the mattress development process.

         (1) To stone, wood for the bed, with natural mats for the mat, our ancestors in the spare time, in order to restore the needs of the body's own function, consciously or not self-learning to produce the use of natural materials to meet their sleep and rest function Meng Meng consciousness.

         (2) With cotton mattress. Our country's Ming and Qing dynasties, this mattress is very popular, from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, the birth of cast iron bed and cotton mattress since the impact of our daily life. This time the mattress or stay in the simple use of the stage.

         (3) Simmons mattress. People's living standards continue to improve, this time mattress began to enter the comfortable stage. Simmons began to enter China, many people have begun to choose, but the use of a period of time after the discovery of many people's spine began to feel discomfort, followed by the whole waist muscle strain Department of the back of the pain, especially Simmons, use a long time , The overall deformation of the mattress, the body more prone to sub-health status.

         (4) Bedding revolution. After the continuous efforts of mankind, mattress has undergone a leap of revolution, jade mattress mattress greatly meet people's daily health needs, beautiful, comfortable, maintenance and fitness, jade mattress has become the preferred gift, send health, honor their parents, elders Table filial piety of the best gifts to solve the human life in one-third of the sleep time, to achieve the purpose of health, to solve the upper half of the week there is no spare time exercise caused by physical decline.

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