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What type of cushion can be for our choice?
2021-01-29 16:16:35


         Everyone in the purchase of chairs, in order to more comfortable, often also supporting the purchase of chair cushions. The cushions are movable cushions for seats or sofas. Divided into indoor cushions and outdoor cushions. Indoor cushions are mainly used in the sofa, the seat of the main play a beautiful warm effect. Outdoor cushions are mainly car cushions, beautiful and comfortable is its main feature. That we all in the purchase of the seat when the material, what type of cushion can be for our choice?

         (1) Linen chair cushions: linen chair cushions, the use of natural linen fiber as raw material, can emit a fragrance smell, this smell can kill some bacteria, help to inhibit the growth of parasites, with breathable, separated Cool, heat, anti-static, environmental protection, not easy to dust and so on.

         (2) Ice silk chair cushions: ice silk chair cushions, cotton linter as raw material, has a good breathable moisture absorption and heat rejection, with "natural air conditioning" reputation, but also mildew, anti-mite, Anti-static, etc., is more popular chair cushion products.

         (3) Jade chair cushions: Jade chair cushions, made of jade pieces and natural ice silk hand-woven, with improved microcirculation system functions, sedative and other health effects. But the jade chair cushions in a long time after the air conditioning, will become very cold, to be careful choice.

         (4) Bamboo or straw chair cushion: the traditional bamboo or straw chair seat cushion, the biggest advantage is cool, affordable. After continuous improvement, designers in these chair cushions on the design of a lot of exquisite designs, but also buy a cool chair cushions a good choice.

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